Milton’s Wisdom

Check out this quote!

8.2.16 MiltonThis is some deep stuff with a light-hearted drawing.  It can slip by you sometimes unless someone points it out to you.  What hit me the most is “developing from the negatives”.  It seems that’s all I’ve been doing lately.  When things go well, I tend to go on auto pilot and quit growing.  So, God allows difficult situations to happen in my life so I’m forced, in a way, to re”focus” on him.  I love this gym and the people that come in and out of the door each day.  However, sometimes I tend to concentrate too much on everyone else, their goals, their dreams, and their successes instead of my own life.  One person that can often get the least of me, but needs the most of me, is my wife Monica.  I hate to admit that, but I get reminded in many ways, most of them through “negative” times.  I must develop myself through the negatives.  Check that, allow God to develop me through the negatives.  I can’t do anything without him and I keep forgetting that.  That OH squat PR that I got yesterday, it wasn’t me, it was God giving me this body that allows me to do it.  Without him, I couldn’t lift my eyelids every morning, stand up out of bed, and carry myself to the mirror.  I pray that I’m reminded of this in more than just the negatives.  That way, I can “focus” on God and “capture” those blessings that often go unnoticed.