What are you FTGF’ing for?


What are you FTGF’ing for?

What am I fighting for?  Isn’t fighting wrong?  Not when you are fighting to do the right thing, to make a difference in your life and others.  Here at FTGF, we consider fighting a good thing.  It’s striving for something better.

This comic is from a good friend of mine.  He does these and sends them to me almost daily.  This one hit home with the mentality of our gym.

So, you can’t do burpees?  Can you fall down on the ground?  Yep, everyone can, but can you get back up?  You gotta get back up!  That’s one burpee, now you’re moving.  Now you’re living.  I like the saying “If life knocks you down, do a burpee.”

This comic carries over to everything we do.  If you can’t do something, you don’t just stop trying.  You do what you can do, you get to where you can do it extremely well, then you keep progressing, slowly but surely.  You keep challenging yourself and working hard, your body will adapt, then you’ll be able to do more.

You can’t do a pullup?  We have a scale for that.

You can’t do a pushup?  We have a scale for that.

You can’t squat and get back up?  We have a scale for that.

You can’t do a handstand?  We’ll prop you up against the wall.

You can’t run?  We may start you crawling like in the comic.

This life is a gift from God.  Let’s make the best of it.

You can do CrossFit without being able to walk on your hands, do backflips, and swing on the rings like a monkey.  All you need to do it is swallow your pride and get started where you are at, and keep progressing forward.  Are you willing to put the work in to achieve your dreams.  Stuff that comes easy is easily taken for granted and lost.  Nothing in life is worth having if it doesn’t require work to get it.

Why CrossFit? Why FTGF CrossFit?

Why CrossFit?  Why FTGF CrossFit?


With regards to CrossFit, I feel it is for everyone and anyone can benefit from it. Why would someone want to try something new?  Whatever they are now doing isn’t cutting it.10687046_782513941787311_5063167111019685243_nSome people are not active at all and don’t know where to start. As opposed to hiring a personal trainer for $30 to $60 per hour to show you the ropes, you could join a CrossFit gym and have a personal coach/trainer at every workout for a fraction of the cost. There are normally Introductory Classes that are one on one that help get you started on the correct path with movements, showing you a correct squat and how to move the barbell correctly. That’s where most people have the most hesitation, when it comes to lifting weights. They just don’t realize that you can lift 5# and be lifting weights, it doesn’t have to be maximal effort right off the bat. Learning how to move properly is a must whenever lifting weights.

Then, there are people that are working out, but are stagnant in their progress, or areso inconsistent that they never see the benefit. For those people, there is accountability and constant variance to help keep them in the game long enough to see progress and switch things up enough so they don’t get bored. That is where I was at before CrossFit and I’m so glad to have found it for myself along with sharing it with others. The accountability comes from the other athletes in the community, the classes are at specific times so they have to plan and schedule it in, and when you don’t show up, you will be hearing from the owner’s or coaches. We want you to show up, not just pay your monthly fees. Constant variance means we rarely repeat a workout. And when we do, it’s several months down the road to show you the progress you’ve made in that time.

Finally, there are those that are consistent, but need something more to challenge themselves. These people are the exception, because very rarely do people get this far on their own. For those people, we can offer the programming that will challenge any athlete, get them outside their comfort zone and get them doing things they wouldn’t think of on their own. Most of these movements would either involve the Olympic lifting, or gymnastic movements like climbing rope, handstand walking, or a number of more advance gymnastic movements. For many, giving up the control of their fitness program can be very difficult, but it adds a whole different dimension to it. Instead of doing everything that they are good at or excel at, they are encouraged to try new things or work on their weaknesses, making them a more balanced overall athlete. That is my explanation of “Why someone would try CrossFit”. If you or someone you know fits into these categories and “looking for a new start or something more”, please don’t hesitate to try it out or encourage them to look for a CrossFit gym.


Now that I’ve explained why someone would try CrossFit, now it’s just a matter of where you feel most comfortable. I like to think of it as flavors. The environment and people is what brings people back. Do you feel the coaches actually care if you are there or not? Do they care if you improve?How do people dress, are you comfortable with the music they play, do you feel comfortable there, do you feel you fit in? That’s about all I can say.10452310_10101612387065494_3790424651042800676_n

At FTGF, we do our best to care for people, give them what they need with encouragement and coaching. We strive to keep our gym a family friendly environment with the music we play. We also have a modest dress code, so we can avoid being distracted and concentrate on the real purpose we are there, to improve our fitness. You really won’t know if FTGF is for you, unless you come check us out.

I hope anyone that has taken the time to read this will share it with friends, come join us for a free workout, and pass this on to anyone else that may be interested. God Bless!11096596_897681473603890_6397203518596544688_n