Coach Info – Jess Duncan

2015-11-05 06.26.23Jess Duncan
Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

I was not at all athletic growing up. As a lanky, awkward, super skinny kid I never felt comfortable enough to be involved in sports nor did I see the reason to exercise. All through high school I was highly involved in band, yup…band nerd. My life as an athlete  (or….wanna be athlete) didn’t start until my early 20s. In 2010 I was mother of 2 boys, under the age of 2 at 22 years old. I needed an outlet for myself and found Roller Derby. I fell in love hard and fast and have been playing ever since, only taking a 10 month break to have my third son in 2012. I decided in 2014 that I wanted to be stronger. I didn’t know what that looked like since I had never touched weights or been in a formal gym before. I heard about CrossFit from my father-in-law who had been going to FTGF and upon further research decided it was something I wanted to do for myself but didn’t actually make it to the gym until the beginning of 2015. I love the challenge and I love feeling strong, something I had never felt before since I was always very thin. Coaching is something that I had always had an interest in since I enjoy the role I have with my team being a mentor to less experienced skaters. I love coaching, encouraging, laughing with and fighting right along side all the athletes that walk into FTGF CrossFit.