Coach Info – Monica Kirby

14708270_10103224539973144_7130542187509347802_nCF-L1 Coach, Monica Kirby:

Daughter of  a King.  Wife to an AMAZING husband. Mama to our sweet baby, Emmyrose River. 


Hi Everyone! I have been a certified CrossFit trainer since November 2014.


Prior to CrossFit my athletic background varied from Competitive Fto Fastpitch softball with some running long distances for fun.


, mainly because my crazy husband had a crazy idea of owning a CrossFit gym!  I love that man, and I am so grateful we made the decision to open FTGF CrossFit!  It’s been life changing craziness and awesome all at the same time!  But I truly love coaching and am so thankful for the opportunity to be one!


My husband, Mike, my personal “McDreamy,” and Head Coach at FTGF, is such a wonderful man, and some of you are blessed to know the depths of this man’s heart.  He lives so selflessly, providing for our family working 40 hours a week at a family business, coaches before and after work, leads men to the Word, greets at The River Church in Grand Blanc every Sunday, loves unconditionally, and is still goofy as ever, despite his hectic schedule.  I feel like the most blessed wife in the world! God has definitely provided me with a husband who is beyond the man of my dreams— and I truly believe that is because God is number one in his life, too. I seriously am so thankful for my best friend and partner, FO LIFE.

The MOST IMPORTANT aspect of my life that I always NEED to make a priority- God.  Saving the best for last, here! He is my savior, and I am so thankful that He is ever so present in my life.  I’d be so lost without that unconditional love.  Since I truly gave my life to Jesus, He has turned my life around.  I thought life couldn’t be any better than it already was-and man was I a fool! It’s no cake walk, it has it’s challenges, but the transformation in my heart is indescribable, and it’s just the beginning.  He is amazing.  If you ever want to know more about God, NOT RELIGION, but God, please don’t hesitate.  Mike and I are always here for you whether you’re a member or not. WE LOVE YOU!

And remember, don’t cut yourself short, you are much stronger than you think.  Be strong and courageous, and love yourself enough to make your goals come true.