Coach Info – Monica Kirby

14708270_10103224539973144_7130542187509347802_nCF-L1 Coach, Monica Kirby:

Daughter of  a King.  Wife to an AMAZING husband. Mama to our sweet baby, Emmyrose River. 

Hi Y’all! I have been a certified CrossFit trainer since November 2014.

Prior to CrossFit, I had been an athlete most of my life.  My parents put me on the ice shortly after I learned to walk, and I competed in Figure Skating for roughly 12 years.  I also played fast-pitched softball and would run for fun.

These days as a Wife and Mom, I’m doing my best to find a schedule, insert laugh here, and get in the gym whenever I can.  I know i’ll always be at my best if the Lord is a priority, and I also know that getting fitness in and making it a priority will provide a plethora of benefits– sustain my energy throughout the day (where my Mama’s at?), help fight and combat disease (Hashimoto’s wants to bring me down), improve my sleep, and it allows me to be active with the greatest group of peeps.

Some of you know, but when I got pregnant my pelvis separated long before Emmy was due and that halted my exercise for the remainder of my pregnancy (6 whole months), and I was already a little cushion-y to start with, so it was a blow to my plans….but as we all know, the Lord is good and faithful and was probably preventing me from something much worse.

Since having our daughter, there was so much newness, unfamiliarity, that it was almost like the world was on “pause” so I could embrace these new challenges and this life as a Mom.  Well, fast forward a year and I feel like I’m starting over, buuuuuuuuuuuuut… I’m so excited.

So, all y’all out there that think you can’t do it because you’re overweight, not “fit” enough, must workout before you try CrossFit, or whatever, don’t let that negativity fill your brain. I had been absent for quite some time but am ready to rock and so can you.  ANYONE can CrossFit.

Special shout out to my homey, my husband, my favorite person in the world- Coach Mike –you are awesome, and some of you are blessed to know the depths of this man’s heart.  He works so hard working two jobs and seriously wishes he could provide CrossFit for free-for EVERYONE.  That’s this man’s heart.  swoon.

To my sweet Emmyrose- I pray you come to  know the Lord as soon as possible so you never have to go through life having doubt, fear, insecurity

to m gym family- always remember, don’t ever cut yourself short, you are much stronger than you think. 

Lastly, but most important– Jesus.  I don’t know how I ever lived without him.  He is my Savior and King, and man do we serve a  B I G  GOD. He has changed my life and I am so thankful.